Oklahoma City University - April 23, 2006


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“The show is an absolute audience-pleaser... 'One Wing' is the next big Broadway ballad!”

- Dr. David Herendeen
Director, OCU Opera & Musical Theatre, OCU Bass School of Music

“The cast was so excited and honored that you came to the production....I just want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your material and for your support of my directorial debut! I could not have asked for a better experience, material, or creative talent.”

- Mary Mather, Flyer Director

“Well…we blew the roof off of OCU's Petree Hall! It was truly an amazing night and one that was the talk of the campus all day and, I'm sure, for many days to come…We soared into Flyer, The Musical…Today, the Dean's office received numerous calls from our students, parents, and general public. Everyone thanked us for our project…It has been such a pleasure to work with you…getting the chance to meet Dan, Carl and yourself made the experience unbelievable. I do hope you know how much your work has touched our students. The fact that all of you took the time…to join us made this whole project an amazing experience. I can only wish Dan, Carl and yourself continued success…When somebody is really attached to their work, you can feel the heart and soul that went into it.”

- Dan Meagher, Producer

"Oklahoma City University's New Musical Project 2006

“Stripped”, the student run theater company of Oklahoma City University, is pleased to announce the four shows selected for their “Stripped” New Musicals Project this April.

OCU presents these projects in a “stripped” manner...meaning no sets, costumes, props, sets, orchestra or choreography. Just actors, a piano and the show.

After receiving numerous submissions from composers in the United States, Canada and England, the “Stripped” judging committee selected four shows for the presentation.

“Stripped” is pleased to announce: Flyer, The Musical, book, music and lyrics by Diana Belkowski and Dan Tramon, additional book by Donald Feltham; The Gift, book & lyrics by Maryrose Wood, music by Andrew Gerle; Plane Crazy, book, music and lyrics by Suzy Conn; and I Married Wyatt Earp, book by Sheilah Rae and Thomas Edward West, music by Michele Brourman, lyrics by Sheilah Rae.

The shows will feature directors and students from Oklahoma City University's Bass School of Music. This event will coincide with the opening of the new, $38 million Bass School of Music facility which will provide state- of-the-art learning opportunities for OCU students.

"We are pleased to present these new musicals and give them exposure to a new audience", stated Dan Meagher, “Stripped” Producer. "Oklahoma City University has always been a prominent educator in the field of musical theater, and now we're pleased to be a prominent factor in the development of new musical theater. We're excited to share the creative visions of these composers with everyone."

If you would like information, please call 1-800-633-7242 extension 5410.

“Stripped” Project at OCU Cultivates Ideas For Musicals

The Oklahoman - Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Oklahoman – Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Is there a market for new musicals? Dan Meagher at Oklahoma City University decided to find out. Armed with a small budget, Meagher established a new project called “Stripped”. The idea was to reduce a musical to its bare essentials: story and music. No sets, costumes or choreography.

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT), a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to the creation, development and recognition of new and classical musical theater, provided Meagher with numerous contacts. But it was anyone’s guess as to how many composers and lyricists might submit their work.

“We began in December 2005, and by February we had received 350 submissions”, Meagher said. “We heard from people in Canada, England and the United States. Most were based in New York and already had professional credits.”

A group of eight students then began the arduous task of narrowing the field to four musicals. Each would be given a forty-minute production that would include narration to fill in the plot details. The four winners are The Gift (a re-imagining of the O. Henry story), Flyer, The Musical (a tribute to the Wright Brothers), I Married Wyatt Earp (true story of Earp’s wife) and Plane Crazy (airline stewardesses in the ‘60’s).

“Ultimately, we were looking for inspiration and imagination”, Meagher said. “It’s been a very enlightening project. We have to find new names to continue the musical theater tradition.”

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